Light Bureau Nordic Lighting design awards 2018

The Nordic Lighting Design Awards 2018


Honoring World Class Lighting Design

Today, ÅF Lighting was in the company of some of the best lighting designers in the Nordic region during the Nordic Lighting Design Awards, which was celebrated in Helsinki. 

The competition this year has been especially fierce with several high class projects and extremely good presentations.

Now that the jury has voted, we want to congratulate the Danish lighting design company, Fortheloveoflight, who took home the prestigious prize - held by ÅF Lighting since 2016 for Østbanehallen in Norway – for a well-executed and impressive project "The Wadden Sea Centre" in Denmark.

To be a part of this group of competitors was quite a privilege in itself and we hope to be back in 2020 with new inspiring projects to celebrate the brilliance in Nordic lighting design once more.

“Being nominated for the Nordic Lighting Design Award with two projects out of ten finalists is a wonderful recognition of our work in ÅF Lighting, which makes me immensely proud”, says Jim Collin, Head of ÅF Lighting. “I would like to honor both teams for their impressive work. ÅF Lighting is truly a world class lighting team and it feels great when we get to share our successes and collective achievements!”

Light Bureau Nordic Lighting Design Awards 2018

About The Projects

King K36 Office

The lighting at King’s office is uniquely designed to create a sense of well-being in a diverse workplace.  The overall lighting concept is consistent with the company’s playful visions and is designed to add another layer to the stories told through the 3D mapping and creative interior design.  

We created this project in close collaboration with interior designers, builders and interactive video technology experts. I think that the success of this project is due to our excellent teamwork - and because the client wanted something out of the ordinary and was open to our crazy ideas”, says Lighting Designer and Project Manager, Martin Petersson.

ÅF Lighting managed to develop functional and ambitious concepts for King K36, turning light into something truly unique. The idea behind the lighting design was to provide an experience out of the ordinary for the employees and visitors. The lighting is designed to enhance the architecture, in terms of materials, colors and textures, and create a sense of coming home, rather than arriving at work. 

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Rånåsfoss Hydro Power Station

The lighting solution at Rånåsfoss is designed with respect for the original neoclassical architecture of 1922 whilst accentuating the modern architectural glass structure, designed by LPO architects.

This project was done in close collaboration with the architect, LPO, and we put great effort into understanding the architecture. I am certain that our collaboration and teamwork during this project made the project a success”, says Lighting Designer and Project Manager, Helga Iselin Wåseth

The monumental building was originally designed by the architect Thorvald Astrup and has long been regarded as an important cultural monument within power production due to its architectural structure. During a recent renovation, the large glass structural extension was incorporated into the existing building.

The lighting solution is designed to create an enhanced sense of depth within the room, while accentuating both the old and the new elements of the space. By using a high level of vertical light to both the internal brick façade and the external façade, the glazing that separates the inside from outside visually disappears. At night, the power plant can be observed from across the river. During early winter nights, it becomes a beacon in the landscape, especially with the colorful Nordic sky as a backdrop.

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About the award

Nordisk Lyspris or The Nordic Lighting Design Award was created by the Nordic Light Committee in the year 2000. The Nordic Light Committee consists of the following lighting organisations: Dansk Center for Lys in Denmark, Suomen Valoteknillinen Seura in Finland, Ljóstæknifélag Íslands in Iceland, Lyskultur in Norway and Belysningsbranschen in Sweden. The award is handed out biennially and the purpose is to highlight and celebrate the special characteristics of Nordic lighting design.

Link to the Nordic Lighting Design Awards

Zlatan Idnert

Head of Efterklang

Morten Jensen

Country Manager, Light Bureau Norway

Ronnie Eriksson

Country Manager, Light Bureau Sweden