Norwegian Lighting Award 2019

We won the Norwegian Lighting Award in the indoor category for our lighting concept at Under – the world’s largest underwater restaurant.

Last night ÅF Lighting’s team in Norway took home the Norwegian Lighting Award 2019 for the lighting design at Under, with the following statement by the jury:  

Light bureau won norsk lyspris with under

The lighting design shows subtlety and an understanding of how to create a magical atmosphere inside a space. The lighting seems invisible and used only as a tool for uniting the sea, the space and the people, creating almost meditative conditions. The large glass facade facing the sea is the largest natural light source in the room. The luminaires are carefully integrated into the ceiling and the light sources seems invisible. This guarantees a view to the seabed, and avoids reflection and discomfort. The light control allows the lighting to shift peacefully, ever-changing and dynamically in line with the sea.

The light levels adapts to the usage of the room – unused tables and areas are not illuminated. The lighting is also used as an active part of maritime research. The project appears as a fusion between lighting design, lighting technology and architecture where all elements are united. A project like this is both unique on a Norwegian and international scale, and is a pioneering project that others can admire”.

We want to thank our collaborative partners for an amazing teamwork. This has been such an exciting project to take part in and we are very honoured to get this recognition by the jury”, says a proud Thea Collett, Project manager and Lighting Designer at ÅF Lighting, who received the award together with Benjamin Reinhoff, Electrical Control System Engineer, and Stine Kaalstad, Lighting Designer, during Lysets Dag in Oslo.

Fifth Norwegian Lighting Award For ÅF Lighting

With the award for Østbanehallen in 2015, The Well in 2016, and Rånåsfoss Hydro Power Station and Longyearbyen in 2017 this is the fifth time we take home a prize at the Norwegian Lighting Award.

Open Class winner: Light Pressure

We also want to congratulate our talented colleague, Wiggo Pedersen Evensen, and his respective partners for winning in the Open Class category with the project Light Pressure.

Read the full press release here.


  • Owner: Stig and Gaute Ubostad
  • Lighting design: ÅF Lighting
  • Architect: Snøhetta
  • Electrical engineer: Tratec Teknikken AS
  • Suppliers: iGuzzini, Nortronic, MakingMatters, Fiberoptisk, Fagerhult, Stokkan Lys, Delta Light Luminator & Atendi
  • Installer: Tratec Teknikken AS
  • Photographer: Tomasz Majewski

Morten Jensen - Director Light Bureau in Norway

Morten Jensen

Director Light Bureau in Norway

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