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Report on energy system of the EU and China


The European Union (EU) and Chinese electricity systems are undergoing historic structural changes as the deployment of renewables grows in both locations.

Both the EU and China are facing new challenges in managing and integrating intermittent generation output. As renewable energy penetration grows in both systems, these challenges will require changes to current market and operational paradigms.

The EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP) have released a report titled: 'Integration of Variable Renewables in the Energy System of EU and China – Policy Considerations'. The report, prepared by AFRY Management Consulting and Energy Research Institute of National Reform and Development Commission, examines the outlook for renewables deployment in the EU and China as well as challenges and solutions for renewable energy integration. Based on assessments of the situation in both locations, the report proposes a number of recommendations for Chinese energy policymakers relating to renewable energy integration. In both the EU and China, AFRY analysis suggests that a combination of continued technology cost reduction, policy support and investment will lead to significant future capacity deployment of, in particular, wind and solar PV.

The report is available to read, as is the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform (ECECP) news release.

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