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Report on Liberalisation of the Estonian Gas Market commissioned by Elering


Ed: This article predates November 2019, when ÅF and Pöyry came together as AFRY.

In 2011 Elering AS commissioned Pöyry to review how liberalisation works across Europe and how this could benefit consumers in Estonia.

It considered the challenges in delivering a liberalised market, including the current risk and the dependence on a single gas supplier from Russia. It identified various options that could improve security of gas supply concerns and/or achieve a liberalised market and concluded that achieving an integrated regional market covering Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as part of a package of infrastructure and liberalisation activities would provide the best outcome for Estonian consumers.

Roll on to 2018 and the Balticonnector with Finland is under construction and the development of a Baltic gas market is underway.

The full report on the Liberalisation of the Estonian Gas Market can be found below.

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