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Report by Pöyry published by the CCC

Ed: This article predates November 2019, when ÅF and Pöyry came together as AFRY.

A study by Pöyry Management Consulting on the technical constraints affecting the deployment of renewables out to 2050 has been published.

The study has informed the advice given by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to the UK Government on the scope for increasing renewable energy after 2020. The report by Pöyry describes the limits on the ability of the electricity system to accommodate and deliver high levels of renewable electricity generation. The study is underpinned by detailed quantitative analysis that captures the complex interactions between deployment of renewables (and other low-carbon) generation, the electrification of heat and transport and the development of sources of flexibility, such as interconnection. As well as analysing the challenges of balancing electricity supply and demand on a national basis, the report assesses the requirements for investment in supporting infrastructure, such as electricity transmission and distribution networks.

The report is available to read below.

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