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Under - a journey into the unknown


Today is the grand opening of the world's largest underwater restaurant.

Under is developed by Snøhetta, the world renown Norwegian practice of architecture. Located on the coastline by the village of Båly, half of the structure appears to sink to the bottom of the of the North Atlantic, resting five meters beneath sea level.

The structure is designed to become an integral part of the environment, acting as an artificial reef. The coarse concrete structure makes it easy for mussels to cling to its surface, which will attract marine life, and help increase biodiversity while naturally rinsing the sea water. The restaurant will function both as a culinary experience in spectacular surroundings and as a research center for marine life.

The lighting is designed to “float” into the room where and when it is needed mimicking the movement of the waves – a unique feature of Liquid Light®. The lighting concept extends beyond the interior and into the water. By adding light to the area around the submerged restaurant, we can observe the marine life at night. A definite treat for marine, food, and architecture enthusiasts alike.

light Bureau under grand opening liquid light

This is a spectacular project and we’re proud to have been a part of developing such a unique restaurant. The lighting design plays a significant part in the holistic experience and we have put great efforts into the details for both the interior and exterior lighting. Now, we look forward to the official opening and want to congratulate team Stig and Gaute Ubostad for creating such a unique restaurant. We wish them a successful opening, says Morten Jensen, Manager at ÅF Lighting in Norway.

Yes, this is really a unique restaurant, with great design and craftmanship. You will feel a sense of calm as you enter the restaurant, even though there is so many impressions. The lighting is an experience in itself both during the daytime and at night, this is art, adds lighting designer Stine Kaalstad.

Read more about this spectacular project on Under’s website, which was also designed by Snøhetta.

Morten Jensen - Direktør Light Bureau i Norge

Morten Jensen

Director Light Bureau in Norway

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