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ÅF boosts Trollhättan's automotive industry

Tue, 03/05/2016 - 11:54 CEST

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Over the last 10 years many Swedish companies have chosen to relocate their production to Asia. Now, the emerging trend is to do the opposite. Several Chinese car companies have chosen to outsource a considerable amount of their product development to Trollhättan, and now ÅF is also expanding its presence in China.

The background to this is that Sweden has traditionally been involved in and has many years of experience in developing automotive and safety systems. There are also many well-educated and experienced engineers here. This combination makes Sweden a very interesting development market.

Assignments from carmakers like Geely and Qoros for high-tech development of automotive systems demonstrates that outsourcing to Sweden is a business opportunity. This also bolsters ÅF's presence in China, while Trollhättan's reputation as an automotive centre gets a boost.

"Getting this kind of development assignment is very positive for both ÅF and Sweden in general. We are of course delighted that the operations will be located in Trollhättan, a city with a long history of automotive development," says Tomas Camén, Country Manager China.

Expanding operations in China

In May, Tomas Camén takes over a newly appointed position as head of ÅF China in Shanghai. This will help ÅF to establish a permanent presence in China focused on attracting more development projects to Sweden, but also to promote ÅF's entire range of services on the Chinese market in the long term. Tomas Camén has previously worked at Saab Automotive and LeanNova Engineering.

Facts about ÅF's operations in Trollhättan:

When Saab Automobile filed for bankruptcy, LeanNova Engineering was formed to keep Saab's unique expertise in Trollhättan. The business was acquired by ÅF in early 2015 and is the hub of ÅF's development offer to the automotive industry.

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