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ÅF chosen for major power project in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

Wed, 15/04/2015 - 14:49 CEST
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Roberto Gerosa, President, International Division +41 56 483 17 29
Viktor Svensson, Executive Vice President, Corporate Information +46 70 657 20 26

The ministries of the three countries awarded ÅF with the feasibility studies for the 400kV interconnector project for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. This project is an essential stepping-stone for the EAPP (East African Power Pool) on its way for a united and connected power market.

The contract value is about 1.48 million USD and the duration is between 5-7 months.

This interconnection project consists of approximately 1300km of transmission lines and 13 substations. It is a top priority project for the ministries of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and should not only help transporting energy and make trading possible within these countries.

It will also function as a vital step for the vision of the EAPP to interconnect this region completely and serve as key ingredient to transport energy to the places where needed and to help developing the infrastructure and industry to increase the standard of living in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner.

"I am very proud that ÅF was chosen to be the leading consultancy company in EAPP. ÅF has the competence to help EAPP to reach the vision to be the most vibrant power market providing the least cost, efficient and reliable electricity supply through fully integrated and interconnected regional systems," says Roberto Gerosa, President International Division.

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