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“ÅF Future has given me a head start in my career”

Wed, 05/07/2014 - 12:45

ÅF Future is a network where students can do assignments for ÅF while they're still studying. We have asked a few questions to Peter Wikholm, a chemical engineering student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and member of ÅF Future.

Why did you join ÅF Future? To gain an insight into a very interesting company and an opportunity to carry out an industrial assignment. Thanks to AF Future, I’ve had a valuable insight into what it’s like to work as a consultant. This has given me a head start in my career.

What has your assignment at ÅF meant for you? I’ve gained important experience and seen what it’s like to be an engineer even before I graduate. The assignment is closely linked to my specialisation and has opened doors for when I do my dissertation.

Can you tell us about your assignment? I examined the working methods for the installation of a component in a laboratory to ensure that experiments are repeatable. This work resulted in an installation manual.

How long was it before you got an offer? I had an offer after six months that I turned down, and I had another offer after a further six months that I accepted.

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