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ÅF Offshore Race 2015 – "Connect people with new technique"

Wed, 24/06/2015 - 06:50 CEST

For the fifth year in a row, ÅF is the proud title sponsor of the ÅF Offshore Race, that goes on from 25 June to 2 July. Last year more than 160.000 visitors at the event. What happens this year?

For the fifth year in  a row, ÅF is the proud title sponsor of the ÅF Offshore Race, that goes on from  25 June to 2 July. Last year more than 160.000 visitors at the event. What  happens this year?

ÅF Offshore Race 2015 is the Nordic region’s largest regatta. When ÅF  partnered up with KSSS in 2011, the competition got a total makeover and the  race start was moved from the island of Sandhamn in the archipelagoes to the  center of Stockholm. The event has become one of Stockholm’s largest events and  last year the race village attracted more than 160.000 visitors.

ÅF Offshore Race is a sailing competition that starts 28th June but the  event starts already 25th June. The boats start in Stockholm, sail all the way  to the island of Gotland, round the island and then go back to the finish line  in Sandhamn. The boats are expected to cross the finish line 2nd July but of  course it all depends on the weather. More than 200 boats are competing, and the  competition is based on a handicap system so that everyone has a fair chance of  winning.

Race village, the event area, is open from 25-28 June and takes place on the  island of Skeppsholmen in the center of Stockholm. The event area offers many  activities that suit all types of people at all ages. In ÅF’s tents you can  interact and try some of the newest technique presented by ÅF’s engineers e.g.  laser scanning and virtual reality glasses. Scan the tent and see the model on a  computer or put on a pair of glasses and start walking in a virtual world  without taking a single step outside the tent. You can also compete against a  robot to see who has the best balance, or compete in our traditional winch  competition. Lots of action, lots of technique and lots of fun! And one of the  most popular activities last year was the successful knot school. Go back to  basic, work with your hands and mind, and learn how to tie knots.

Further out on Skeppsholmen you will also find the Sharp family area where  you can relax in sun chairs or activate yourself by trying stand up paddling. Of  course the race village offers everything you need when it comes to food and  drinks and entertainment. It’s open from 9 am and finishes with live  performances and DJ’s playing until 00.30 am. The summer feeling is usually very  high and the view over Stockholm is beyond amazing!

“Sailing is a sport that in many ways is related to ÅF's business and  people. It has a high environmental profile, it’s a technical sport and the  capability of working together as a team is crucial if you want to win ÅF  Offshore Race. ÅF sponsors the race to gain internal pride, to strengthen the  brand, and to create a business arena for our clients and potential  employees”, Josephine Sirander, Project Manager for ÅF Offshore  Race.

“ÅF has been the title sponsor of this event for five years and we’re  constantly working on improving our part of the event and do everything we can  to exceed both the competitors and the visitors’ expectations. Together with  KSSS and the other sponsors we want to create Stockholm’s largest annual event.  As an engineering company one of our main focus areas is to connect people with  new technique. We want everyone to not only view, but to try and experience  advanced technique in a fun way.”

For further information about ÅF Offshore Race, visit ksss.se or contact Josephine Sirander.

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