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ÅF is selected as supplier to Electrolux

Fri, 24/04/2015 - 12:43 CEST

ÅF has become one of the few preferred partners providing consulting services to Electrolux.

For further information:

Fredrik Nylén, Divisional Manager, Technology    +46 73 028 31 58
Cecilia Dreijer, KAM Electrolux    +46 70 378 22 90

ÅF has become one of the few preferred partners providing consulting services to Electrolux. ÅF has had an R&D framework agreement with Electrolux since 2012 and currently supplies expertise in many areas, such as product development, IT, industrial design, regulations and business development.

Through the new framework agreement ÅF ultimately has access to all inquiries, which increases opportunities for receiving more assignments and adds further value to Electrolux’s business.

“Electrolux is one of ÅF’s key customers,” says Fredrik Nylén, Divisional Manager for ÅF Technology. “Electrolux suits ÅF very well since their processes are customer-driven with a focus on technology and innovation. Through the framework agreement it will be easier to provide all of ÅF’s services to all of Electrolux, both nationally and internationally, which is entirely in line with ÅF’s strategy.”

“We are pleased that ÅF is now one of our preferred partners,” says Anders Törneld, HQ Purchasing Manager at Electrolux. “ÅF is a company that matches us very well in terms of innovation, product development, IT, and sustainability. They are also a global supplier, which is both an asset and a strength.”

<p>ÅF is an engineering and consulting company for the&nbsp;energy, industrial and infrastructure markets, creating progress for our clients&nbsp;since 1895.&nbsp;By connecting technologies we provide profitable,&nbsp; innovative and sustainable solutions to shape the future and improve people's&nbsp;lives.&nbsp;Building on our strong base in Europe, our business and&nbsp;clients are found all over the world.&nbsp;</p><p>ÅF – Innovation by experience.</p>

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