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ÅF signs cooperation agreement with RUAG Space

Thu, 04/16/2015 - 08:49 CEST

ÅF has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with RUAG Space AB regarding communication technology in space.

ÅF has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with RUAG Space AB  regarding communication technology in space. As chosen supplier, ÅF will boost  RUAG Space’s delivery capacity within technical development and the agreement  covers several areas of expertise, from digital hardware and software, to  microwave electronics, antennas, calculations and mechanical engineering.  Initially, the agreement is for a period of one year, but both parties regard it  as a long-term arrangement with an option to extend for a further two  years.

“We’re extremely proud of the confidence RUAG Space has shown in  us as a supplier. ÅF has leading expertise and extensive experience within  several sectors and areas. We look forward to having the opportunity to develop  our relationship with RUAG Space and extend our cooperation across several areas  of proficiency, as well as being the strategic partner that enables RUAG Space  to further grow their business and expertise,” says Fredrik Nylén, head of ÅF’s  Technology Division.

ÅF is the chosen supplier with regard to skills  supply and project work. This mutual collaboration also provides an opportunity  for ÅF to take advantage of RUAG Space’s unique expertise, manufacturing,  testing equipment and lab as part of ÅF’s project.

“ÅF gives us a  strategic skills supply partner and together we can plan more clearly the best  use of our resources. Our objective is to identify additional areas for  cooperation that create added value for both parties. Our cooperation with ÅF  will further consolidate our position within the space industry,” says Mats  Warstedt, CEO of RUAG Space AB.

For further information:

Fredrik Nylén, President Technology Division, +46 73 028 31 58
Nils  Malmros, Business Area Manager Embedded Systems, +46 73 620 87 00
Viktor  Svensson, Executive Vice President, Corporate Information, +46 70 657 20 26

Photo: Fredrik Nylén, President ÅF Technology and Mats Warstedt, CEO  RUAG Space AB

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