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ÅF welcomes world leading Performance Venue Acoustician

Mon, 29/04/2019 - 08:30 CEST

ÅF Sound & Vibration appoints Dr. Thomas Scelo as Performing Arts Senior Acoustician. Thomas has extensive experience with performance venues from leading roles at Marshall Day Acoustics, most recently as partner and Managing Director for the greater Hong Kong region. Thomas will start his new role at ÅF Sound & Vibration on May 1st 2019.

Thomas is a world leading performance venue acoustician with more than 40 prestigious projects in his portfolio.  Philharmonie de Paris, Melbourne's Hamer Hall and the Changsha Meixihu International Culture and Art Centre are just a few. Thomas has now relocated to Malmö, Sweden, to join ÅF Sound and Vibration.

“At ÅF Thomas will help us to develop our business within performance venue acoustics, in the Nordics as well as internationally. With his expertise and portfolio, we will further strengthen our design offering and broaden our services within advanced room acoustics and performing arts centres. We are extremely happy to have Thomas onboard and this confirms our strong market position”, says Zlatan Idnert, Head of ÅF Sound & Vibration.

After several years in Oceania and Asia, Thomas has relocated to Europe. The past seven years he has designed 16 performing arts venues, including concert halls, opera house and theatres across China. He seeks to broaden his horizon and develop projects in new markets.

“As a Performance Venue Acoustician, the task is to facilitate the interaction between the musician or performer and the end user – the audience. To me, it is important not to re-do old prestigious projects or copy existing performing arts centres. I have to keep evolving and design for each project according to its context and acoustic requirements. There should be no identical theatres in the world and that makes me curious and humble to continue exploring new designs, typologies, materials, techniques and even approaches to arts project delivery.

Joining ÅF Sound & Vibration was a natural next step in my career. I cannot grow fully on historical achievements, and with the team of experts at ÅF Sound & Vibration, I look forward to develop the new generation of performing arts centres. There is knowledge and experiences to share, the broader your world, the more opportunities to learn and be challenged. Modern acoustic is a 50 year old science, there are still great opportunities to develop the acoustic discipline and its understanding as a design exercise supported by science and engineering”, Thomas explains.

ÅF Sound & Vibration is the leading competence centre within acoustic consulting and design. We bring together more than 120 dedicated experts in the field of acoustics, sound and vibration. 

For further information, please contact:

Zlatan Idnert
Tel: +46 10 505 5059

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