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ÅF wins 1 MEUR energy contract in India

Fri, 14/08/2009 - 10:30 CEST
For further information:

Eero Auranne, President Energy Division           +46 (0)70-320 09 53
Viktor Svensson, Director, Corporate              +46 (0)70-657 20 26

ÅF has won a 1 MEUR consulting contract in India. ÅF will provide
owners engineering services for a new 1000 MW gas fired power plant.

ÅF's services comprise of conceptual design and specification of the
plant. ÅF will also advise the plant owner in the tendering process
and procurement negotiations with contractors. The plant owner and
investor is Tuff Energy, a large Indian industrial conglomerate.

The power plant will be built to Gujarat province in India.

This new consulting contract is an opening for ÅF in the fast growing
Indian market for thermal power plants. ÅF has, until now been one of
the largest consultants in the hydro power market in India. ÅF has
had local presence in India for several years in Noida, a suburban
city of Delhi.

Corporate Information

The ÅF Group is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise
founded on more than a century of experience. We offer highly
qualified services and solutions for industrial processes,
infrastructure projects and the development of products and IT
systems. We are also one of the leading names in testing and
inspection. Today the ÅF Group has 4,500 employees. Our base is in
Europe, but our business and our clients are found all over the

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