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AFRY and Norrsken in new collaboration to accelerate the sustainable transition

Tue, 03/02/2021 - 09:01

AFRY and Norrsken Foundation will share their knowledge and use the combined power of entrepreneurship and digitalisation to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society – in line with the 2030 Agenda.

The in-depth knowledge of AFRY’s experts in sustainability and digitalisation enables AFRY to advise and accelerate the construction of future cities, and develop solutions within bioindustry, clean energy and food & life sciences. On this basis, Norrsken and AFRY are committed to collaborate to make a difference.

“Digitalisation represents one of the most powerful and universal tools we have to tackle climate change and reduce global emissions. We will work together with Norrsken to exchange knowledge in order to innovate, digitalise and scale up solutions which will accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society,” says Jonas Gustavsson, CEO at AFRY.

Norrsken is a non-profit foundation which supports entrepreneurs working to solve our greatest challenges, such as poverty, famine, environmental issues, mental health and integration. Norrsken supports entrepreneurs in two ways. The first is through a co-working space for 450 impact entrepreneurs in Stockholm. The second is through a VC fund backed by unicorn founders, which invests in companies with the potential to radically improve the world.

AFRY’s experts will help the entrepreneurs at Norrsken by providing advice about sustainability and digitalisation. Entrepreneurs at Norrsken will be involved in AFRY's ecosystem of customers, partners and employees to fuel ideas, innovation and new business models. To kick-start the collaboration, two areas have been identified: focusing on how to accelerate the digital skills and opportunities among the entrepreneurs, as well as a deep dive into food and life-science projects.

“AFRY will support our entrepreneurs in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. We both see the great potential in combining tech and entrepreneurship – and through the partnership our amazing entrepreneurs gets access to 16 000 experts around the world,” says Johanna Blendow, Global Partnership Manager at Norrsken Foundation.

A summary of the collaboration:

  • AFRYs experts will offer the Norrsken entrepreneurs mentorship and support relating to sustainability and digitalisation.
  • The Norrsken entrepreneurs will be introduced to AFRY’s ecosystem of customers, partners and employees to fuel innovation and new business models.
  • We believe that inclusion and diversity will help us work successfully together with talented people who share the same ambitions as us.
AFRY is a European leader in engineering, design, and advisory services, with a global reach. We accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society.
We are 16,000 devoted experts in infrastructure, industry, energy and digitalisation, creating sustainable solutions for generations to come.
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