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AFRY awarded a new contract by NordWasser in Rostock

Mon, 03/13/2023 - 08:00 CET

AFRY is awarded a new contract for the modernization of Rostock's water infrastructure as part of the KLAS Engineering consortium together with the engineering firm Regierungsbaumeister Schlegel (IB Schlegel).

The Werftstraße wastewater pumping station in Rostock was built in the 1960s and no longer meets technical requirements. In addition, the heavy rain events that have become more frequent in the meantime have led to flooding of the area in some cases.

NordWasser GmbH, responsible for water supply and wastewater disposal for the city of Rostock, has therefore promoted a corresponding modernization of the infrastructure as part of a program to adapt the urban infrastructure to climate change and the changes in urban development in the city.

AFRY, as part of the KLAS Engineering consortium with IB Schlegel, will redesign the pumping station and stormwater overflow basin, in accordance with new technical requirements (i.e DWA-102) to ensure adequate sizing and optimal hydraulic streaming of the facility.  

"An energy-efficient design of the pumping station will be one of our main focuses, as energy costs account for about 70% of the total life cycle costs of the pump," said Nicola La Rocca, Head of Berlin Water Department, AFRY Germany.

Björn Rüth, project manager of NordWasser GmbH adds accordingly:

"With the help of the particularly energy-efficient design, NordWasser will not only save operating costs, but also further reduce its ecological footprint".

For further information, please contact:

Nicola La Rocca, Head of Section Urban Water Management Berlin
+49 172 99 02 391,

Anna Magni, Head of Communications, Infrastructure
+46 10 505 39 74,

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