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AFRY is commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration in the Södertörn Crosslink

Tue, 04/07/2023 - 09:00 CEST

The Swedish Transport Administration's project, the Södertörn Crosslink, aims to contribute to increased safety and smoother transportation options on one of the most accident-prone stretches in Stockholm County. AFRY has been entrusted with the responsibility for the project from Gladö Kvarn interchange to Lissma Interchange.

The Södertörn Crosslink, road 259 just south of Stockholm, is a new dual carriage way in Stockholm with a separate pedestrian and bicycle path. The stretch is one of the most accident-prone roads in Stockholm County. The crosslink will increase safety and facilitate transportation options for public, personal, freight, and bicycle traffic. As part of the commissioned assignment, AFRY is responsible for preparing tender documentation for the construction contract for two out of the total eight interchanges – Gladö Kvarn and Lissma – along a road section of approximately 5.5 kilometres."

"We are so proud to be able to contribute experience and expertise in this project for the Swedish Transport Administration. The Södertörn Crosslink will make it easier for road users, reduce the risk of accidents, and at the same time protect the surrounding nature. An important step for the dynamic region", says Folke Sandberg, Head of Business Area Planning & Design at AFRY.

New pedestrian and bicycle paths, totalling approximately 7.5 kilometres, will be constructed along the road with connections to existing pedestrian and bicycle routes. Most of the affected area consists of natural land with fields and forests, and there are several nature reserves along the stretch. Therefore, special consideration is given to the surroundings and its residents. For instance, 3 kilometres of noise barriers will be built to mitigate the impact on the road, and a passage for pedestrians and horses from a nearby stable is planned at Gladö Kvarn interchange.

AFRY's assignment is estimated to be delivered in March 2026.

For further information, please contact:

Anna Magni, Head of Communication, Division Infrastructure
+46 708 97 29 00, anna.magni@afry.com


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