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AFRY to design Hessund bridge and roads in Turku archipelago, Finland

Wed, 12/22/2021 - 08:00

AFRY has been selected as one of the engineering partners of the renewal of Highway 180 in Finland. AFRYs assignment includes the design of a new 300-metre bridge as well as the road design and special constructions in the whole project area.

The renewal of Highway 180 in Finland is urgent as it is the only road connection to Pargas and the Turunmaa archipelago. Therefore, the two main bridges are of great importance to the industry, tourism and the residents of the area. The aim of the project is to improve and secure the only permanent road connection in the Turunmaa archipelago. At the same time, the project supports the development of business and land use in Pargas and promotes road safety and housing satisfaction. Construction will begin in 2023.

AFRY is one of the engineering partners that has been selected by the project alliance consisting of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and its partner Kreate Oy, for renewals of the Kirjalansalmi and Hessund bridges as well as improving the road in the area. AFRY’s assignment includes the design of the new 300-metre Hessund bridge, and the road design in the whole project area aiming to increase housing and road safety as well as improving and modernizing cycle path and walkways.

The road design assignment entails traffic intersections, three smaller bridges and other special constructions. AFRY’s subcontractors in the project are SOFiN Consulting and ARUP Group. The Kirjalansalmi bridge will be designed by WSP Finland Oy. Once completed, the road can carry heavier transport and therefore better meets the needs of the local industry.

”In the bridge design, we will pay special attention to the operating life and maintainability. Both bridges need to be durable and stand the heavy industrial transport at least for the next 100 years”, says Janne Wikström, Project Manager, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

According to the Project Manager of the alliance Timo Hirvasmaa (Kreate Oy), quality factors were heavily stressed when selecting the engineering partners.

”Bridges are often significant landmarks in their environment. AFRY has strong experience in demanding bridge and road projects, and it is great to be part of designing more sustainable infrastructure that improves the attractiveness of the area for both residents and industrial players”, says AFRY’s Jarmo Niemi, Market Area Manager, Bridges and Special Constructions.

For further information, please contact:

Jarmo Niemi, Market Area Manager, Bridges and Special Constructions
+358 50 411 6210,

Ari Mattila, Section Manager, Road Engineering
+358 50 535 8466,

Anna Magni, Head of Communication, Infrastructure Division, AFRY
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