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AFRY enters partnership with leading industrial cyber security company OTORIO

Wed, 04/27/2022 - 08:00

The partnership empowers AFRYs already strong commitment to being a market leader in the industrial cyber security field.

As the cyber risk environment evolves, companies will need to keep up with threats to sustaining continuous safe operations. The partnership with OTORIO enables AFRY to deliver managed end-to-end OT (operational technology) risk management as well as zero-trust solutions that combat threats before they appear. It enables highly competitive and proactive OT-security services that permit industrial businesses to stay ahead of threats without interruptions or downtime. AFRY, already a trusted partner in a broad range of industries, will now be able to scale our support to customers to manage OT cyber risks and secure the machinery lifecycle.

 “OTORIO strategically emphasises securing the industrial digital transformation and risk management, providing highly focused insights with a clear context for their customers. Our goal is to combine the sharpest industrial cyber security technology available with our extensive knowledge of industrial operations and our local presence. Teaming together means that we now provide a faster, more accurate and continuous security feedback to our clients,” says Gustav Sandberg, Head of Cyber Security, AFRY.

Leveraging OTORIO technology AFRY will be able to provide extensive improvements in automated risk assessments and overall security ranging from production lines to machinery by providing end-to-end services tailored for a wide range of industries.

"This new partnership leverages the best of two industrial-native worlds. Combining OTORIOs and AFRYs respective values and deep knowledge of the industry. We complement one another, adding enhanced OT security and solutions to our customers. Together and in joint efforts, we can provide market-leading OT digital security expertise that supports scalability for any project and size across process industries, energy, and smart infrastructure verticals for years to come," says Daniel Bren, OTORIO’s CEO and Co-founder.

OTORIO designs and markets the next generation of OT security and digital risk management solutions based out of Israel. The core management team consists of former Israel Defence Forces (IDF) personnel who built and maintained its cyber defence unit. Today, the company is a trusted provider to many global brands and is regarded as being at forefront of OT security technology. The partnership with AFRY took effect on 8 April 2022.


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