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AFRY expands Industrial Cyber Security offer

Thu, 03/31/2022 - 08:00 CEST

Industrial cyber security is quickly becoming a critical focus area for many organisations as  rapid industrial digitalisation is increasing their exposure to cyberattacks. AFRY is now consolidating and accelerating what we offer on cyber security with a focus on creating business value for the industry through security improvements adapted to the unique needs of industrial organisations.

AFRY has extensive experience of working within manufacturing, process industries, energy and infrastructure, always with an operational environment perspective on cyber security. This includes industrial and digital know-how and cyber-security expertise and solutions, all combined to provide end-to-end cyber- security services for our clients.

Rapid industrial digitalisation is creating a dramatic increase in demand for knowledge and services related to industrial cyber security. The unfortunate combination of increasingly complex, multi-vendor solutions with a  visible increase in advanced cyber-security incidents has changed the industrial risk exposure in an unprecedented way, leading to a huge increase in demand for expertise in this area.

The digitalisation of industrial processes comes with strict requirements on safety, resilience and process performance. This is the main reason why industrial cyber- security needs cannot be met using the same approaches and solutions used in traditional cyber security. Deep domain-specific knowledge is  key  to being able to understand how to best enhance  the security position in different industries, for improved and safer operations.

AFRY’s increased emphasis on industrial cyber security enables us to benefit from the full force of our wide knowledge, including from the automotive and defense industries, to create business value through security improvements adapted to the unique needs of industrial organisations.

“Companies need to take a proactive approach - assessing risk by gaining visibility into their process systems and understanding their exposure, thus enabling the proactive mitigation of risks. This needs to be automated for efficiency, says Mats Karlsson Landré, Senior OT Security Advisor at AFRY.

“As a trusted industry partner with deep sector knowledge, with thousands of industry experts and digital specialists, AFRY is in a strong position to deliver security services to our industry clients. We will be able to leverage our vast industrial and digital know-how with OT security expertise to provide services within all industries. Our local presence ensures that we can offer  customers hands-on help, which  is often crucial given the extreme shortage of OT security expertise," says Gustav Sandberg, Head of Cyber Security, AFRY

AFRY’s offer includes fully managed services to address vulnerability and carry out risk assessments in production environments, testing for compliance with cyber-security standards in production and R&D, cyber-security implementations services and penetration testing.

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