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AFRY to support Swedish SL with traffic information systems

Mon, 20/02/2023 - 09:52 CET

AFRY is commissioned to support SL, Stockholm Public Transport, and Trafikförvaltningen, the Public Transport Administration, with a number of systems for managing traffic information for travellers. The contract runs for four years with an option for further two plus two years and includes support and maintenance for the above-mentioned system of the Public Transport Administration’s IT system. The assignment begins in February 2023.

The traffic information provides information about the current traffic situation and consists of map data, timetables, driving times, as well as disruptions and other important information that public transport passengers need. The information is managed on the web, in apps, outside in signs at stops and stations and in a range of support systems. AFRY has been given a four-year assignment that consists of development, management and readiness for a number of traffic information systems at the Public Transport Administration.  

“Public transport is an important part of the transition towards a more sustainable society. With high quality and good service, more people can choose public transport and avoid car journeys. We are very happy to be able to contribute to that transition”, says Jens Andersson, Head of Sales Public IT, AFRY X. 

AFRYs assignment involves ensuring that SL’s systems are robust and works well, as well as contributing to the development work and maintaining readiness in the project.  

“The traffic information is absolutely crucial for so many people, every day. SL has high ambitions when it comes to service to our travelers and traffic contractors in Stockholm. I look forward to a close collaboration with AFRY in order to operate and develop the simple and sustainable mode of transport we all desire, and I see clear synergy effects in gathering that delivery to one supplier”, says Björn Ehlert, Group Manager IT department, Trafikförvaltningen. 

AFRY collaborates with Formpipe in this assignment.  

For further information, please contact: 

Lena Land, Head of Communications, AFRY X 

+46 73 744 1201, lena.land@afry.com   

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