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Already a popular employee among new arrivals – ÅF extends collaboration with Jobbsprånget

Tue, 12/02/2019 - 09:00 CET

Jobbsprånget (Job Leap), an internship programme run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), has compiled statistics on which Swedish employees most newly arrived academics would most like to gain work experience with.
ÅF has emerged as one of the five most popular employers and is now expanding its partnership with Jobbsprånget, making the company the employer with the largest investment in the internship programme.

Jobbsprånget offers newly arrived graduates four-month internships with Swedish employers all over the country. On applying to the programme, applicants are asked to indicate their preferred employer. Jobbsprånget has now released fresh statistics on the most in-demand employers, with ÅF appearing among the top five most attractive workplaces for newly arrived academics. 

“ÅF will become the employer with the largest investment in Jobbsprånget, with a total of 55 internships – more than anyone else in the programme. ÅF’s engagement is highly significant and inspiring,” says head of programme Alexandra Ridderstad.   

To date, 2,071 newly arrived academics have applied for internships through Jobbsprånget. Approximately 150 employers in 50 Swedish towns and cities are currently involved in the programme. 

“It is a great honour for ÅF to enjoy such a high ranking among newly arrived academics, as well as an important indicator that we are we are on the right track with our diversity work,” comments Amir Nazari, diversity coach at ÅF.

ÅF gives diversity issues a high priority and over recent years has worked very actively on its own unique initiative, New Immigrated Engineers. ÅF employs two full-time diversity coaches tasked with developing the company’s recruitment work among newly arrived and overseas-born academics.  

"This is a strategically vital target group for us. Having worked with overseas-born academics on a broad front for a number of years now, we are further scaling up together with Jobbsprånget,” explains Amir Nazari. 

Jobbsprånget’s internal surveys have revealed that an impressive seven out of ten of the programme’s interns found work after their internship. ÅF itself has employed a large proportion of the newly arrived academics who have interned with the company.  


About Jobbsprånget
Jobbsprånget is a national internship programme that offers four months of advanced work placement to newly arrived academics at their own professional level as engineers, architects, scientists and economists. The purpose of the programme is to utilise the expertise of these individuals and accelerate their introduction into the Swedish labour market. Internships create new contacts, offer the conditions for validating competences and opportunities for employers to fill skills gaps with resources that currently stand outside the labour market. Of those who interned during autumn 2018, 50% were women.  

About ÅF
ÅF is an engineering and design company within the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure. ÅF creates sustainable solutions for future generations by bringing people and technology together. ÅF is based in Europe and does business with clients all over the world. 


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