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Change in number of shares and votes in ÅF AB

Mon, 10/31/2016 - 09:00

Jacob Landén, General Counsel, +46 708 941216

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Jacob Landén, General Counsel, +46 708 941216

The fifth opportunity to convert debentures into shares under the staff convertible debenture program decided by the Annual General Meeting 2013 occurred in October 2016.

The number of shares before the conversion was 78 775 453 and the number of votes was 107 735 221. Through the conversion the numbers of B-shares and votes have increased by 34 600. The total number of shares after the conversion amounts to 78 810 053, of which 3 217 752 are A-shares and 75 592 301 are B-shares. The number of votes after the conversion amounts to 107 769 821.

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