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Extended hospital assignment in Skövde, Sweden

Fri, 29/06/2018 - 08:30 CEST

ÅF has received orders for further work in Västfastigheter’s premises at Skaraborg regional hospital in Skövde amounting to an approximate total value of SEK 40 million.

For many years, the Skaraborg regional hospital in Skövde has been undergoing refurbishment and expansion. ÅF has played a central role in many of the sub projects, such as the new care centre for children and women, and the intervention centre, IVC.

Now ÅF will develop preliminary design for water and sanitation and energy in a planned new 65 000 square metre building for surgery, accident and emergency, sterile centre and psychiatry. In the part intended for psychiatry, ÅF is designing the ventilation, and in the clinic blocks, comprising some 30 000 square metres, the company will design all systems for heating, cooling, medical gases, water and sanitation, ventilation and energy, with control systems.

“The key to our success is the provision of good service, combined with extensive experience and very high competence in this field. We have experience from a great many large-scale hospitals such as the one here in Skövde, the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, the J building at the Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala and the new Malmö Hospital”, says ÅF team lead Thomas Tell.

As the hospital is about to grow significantly in size, the systems for heating, cooling, medical gases, water drainage and sewage must also be expanded, with enough redundancy to manage peak periods and any systems failures. During the busiest period, some twenty-five ÅF employees will work in parallel on the new projects, and it is estimated that all deliveries will be completed around 2021.

In addition to the planned project, ÅF is currently completing the detailed design for ventilation and piping for the 9000 square metre dental centre, and is also in charge of energy coordination. In another ward block, comprising some 70 000 square metres, ÅF participated in the second phase of a project aimed at saving energy through the exchange of air conditioning units, including ducting and piping systems in fan rooms.

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Regional Manager ÅF Buildings
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Thomas Tell
Section Manager ÅF Buildings
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