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Framework agreement with Kammarkollegiet

Wed, 29/04/2015 - 09:55 CEST

ÅF enters yet another framework agreement with the National Procurement Services of the central government authority Kammarkollegiet for IT consulting services.

ÅF enters yet another  framework agreement with the National Procurement Services of the central  government authority Kammarkollegiet for IT consulting services.

The 18-month  agreement includes an option for another 30 months, making ÅF the preferred  supplier to Swedish authorities and public organisations.

“We are  incredibly proud over their renewed trust. This framework agreement is yet another example of how we constantly broaden our IT skills and expand our  business dealings here at ÅF. We have every confidence in our ability to support  government agencies with our expertise and experience,” says Fredrik Nylén, head  of ÅF’s Technology Division.

“ÅF is a strong player, both in large-scale  IT projects and the public sector. We are growing more and more in the public  sector which will be, like all industries, affected by the digitalization of  society, an area in which ÅF has unique expertise. I’m certain that we will  continue to gain market shares given our experience from other industries  coupled with our strategic and technical knowhow,” says Patrick Thorén, head of  ÅF’s IT Solutions business area.

The framework agreement covers IT  consulting services, including systems development, IT and information security,  and systems management. ÅF already has a framework agreement with  Kammarkollegiet for resource services in Region West and Region South. The new  agreement now covers IT consulting services in Region North and Uppsala-Örebro  as well as Region South-east.

ÅF is one of seven suppliers and the  agreement is estimated to be worth around SEK 110 million per year. Together  with previous agreements, the combined estimated value is SEK 210 million.  Government authorities and other public procuring entities in the regions that  have signed a power of attorney use the agreement for call-off orders.

For further information:

Fredrik Nylén, Divisionschef Technology   +46 73 028 31 58
Patrick Thorén, Business Area Manager IT Solutions   +46 70 604 63 00

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