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Great people at ÅF - meet Bohumil Lisner

Tue, 10/03/2015 - 16:25 CET

Bohumil Lisner is a senior mechanical expert and responsible for sales of ÅF-Czech Republic. Read more about him and his main targets in 2015.

Bohumil, what do you do at ÅF?
I am a senior mechanical expert, and besides my position as deputy of the country manager, I am responsible for sales in the Czech Republic. Right now I am participating in the preparation of different EOI‘s and bids and starting various sales activities. 

What was your first job and when did you join ÅF?
I started my carrier as a designer in engineering for the company ŠKODA PRAHA a.s. and joined ÅF on October 1st, 2014. My first task here was the preparation of an EOI for a client in Bangladesh.

You are responsible for Sales in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary. What are you main targets for 2015 in those markets?

My overall targets for all three markets are

  • to map and update potential business in CZ, SK and Hungary
  • to establish new and sustain functional contacts with (potential) clients and persons involved in our business
  • to find out interesting sales possibilities for our 3 CZ companies and to establish a closer cooperation with other DI ext. and int. business units.

What is your dream assignment?
Actually I have no concrete dream assignment. My focus is on success in my professional work and to continuously further establish ÅF's business.

What about 2014 are you most proud of?
I am proud of the won project Kladno K7 in Czech Republic, together with Foster Wheeler AB and the subsequent co-operation during the warranty period.

Who is Bohumil in his private life?
I am keen in sports (bicycling, motorcycling, badminton, cross-country skiing) and I like country Music.

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