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Great people at ÅF - Meet Virpi Lauri

Thu, 09/10/2015 - 10:46 CEST

Virpi works as Communications Officer at ÅF in Finland. Learn more about her daily work.

Virpi, what do you do at ÅF?

I take care of communications and PR in Finland and support our sales with various tasks, like brochures, news, customer events etc. I also work closely with our HR to strengthen our employer branding and co-operation with students in technical universities.

I know you have been with ÅF for a long time. Can you tell us a bit about your career? 

I started here in 2000 after finishing my degree in communications. Before that I worked as an assistant in various international companies. Back in 2006 we became part of ÅF and ever since I have experienced how fast ÅF has grown. Somehow I have always worked more or less with engineers.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment I am busy, together with my communications colleagues, with the new ÅF web site. I am really looking forward to the launch in late September. Also, here in Finland we need to start to plan our annual client seminar which is due in February. And we need to improve our internal communication, in order to develop our company culture here in Finland.

What makes you passionate about your daily work?

I just love all my colleagues in Finland and abroad, and the international atmosphere we have! I am happy to work for sustainable energy business and good clients.

What was the most challenging project in your career? And why?

Over these years I have had many challenging tasks and occasions. We have for example changed our company name and logos several times in 15 years. For communications that is always a challenging work. But if I have to name one special project – that was our office move to brand new premises 3.5 years ago. The project needed lots of internal communication to convince our employees that the new premises are much better and more modern than the old ones. Seeing happy faces after the move was very rewarding. On the whole, communication is always challenging – and the bigger corporation we are with offices worldwide, it is even more challenging. We need to develop our communication every day and find the best ways and tools to keep in touch with both our employees and stakeholders.

Who is Virpi in her private life?

My husband and I live in Helsinki. We tend to spend our free time at sea - in summer by navigating Finland’s beautiful archipelago with an old motor boat. Physical exercise always acts as a good counterbalance for office work – for me that means flamenco dance and pilates.

Text: Angela Spörri

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