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Huge improvements achieved with Balance+ project in Kanteleen Voima, Finland

Mon, 23/06/2014 - 09:00 CEST

ÅF has finished Balance+ control renewal in the world’s largest peat fired condensing power plant Kanteleen Voima, Finland.

ÅF's office in Tampere Finland has finished Balance+ control renewal in Kanteleen Voima which is located in Haapavesi, Finland.

The net capacity of the pulverized peat fired once-through boiler is 154 MWe which makes it world’s largest peat fired condensing power plant. Balance+ project started in summer 2013 and the commissioning was done in December.  

The plant uses very challenging fuel for once-through boiler; peat and wood, which varieties in quality, moisture and heat value. Fuel variation causes lots of disturbances to plants controls which are very difficult to handle with conventional solutions. Balance+ control concept was able to stabilize this complex process with remarkable improvements. 

With advanced Balance+ controls plant can use low quality fuel and achieve the needed load demand. The total MWe control is now very accurate, deviation of net electric power is now ± 1 % and before it was ± 6, 5 %. This enables to run the plant stable in minimum and maximum load level. The boiler life-cycle can be also increased due to less stress to boiler.

Main improvements achieved with Balance+ controls (based on the Balance+ performance report):

  • Better boiler efficiency
  • Stable steam flow and combustion process 
    • Evaporator temperature deviation is now ± 0,8 % and before ± 2,3 %
  • Less feed water deviation, now ± 1 % before ± 10 %
  • Accurate steam temperature control and less difference between left and right side 
    • Superheat temperature deviation is now ± 0,3 % and before ± 2,2
    • Reheat temperature deviation is now ± 0,9 % and before ± 3,2 %
    • Slagging is also decreased due to stable steam temperatures
  • Possibility to use low quality fuel (high moisture, low and variety heat value)
  • Reduction of house load by decreasing feed water pump, induced draft fan and secondary air fan power
  • Flue gas excess oxygen level is lower, there is no side difference 
    • Deviation was before ± 37 % and with Balance+ it is ± 7 %
  • NOx and SOx emission levels are lower and production of dust is smaller
  • Better usability and less maintenance costs
  • Also many other improvements which comes in future. 

Before Balance+ steam flow [kg/s> and net electric power [MWe] 

After Balance+ steam flow [kg/s] and net electric power [MWe]

More information: Antti Toivonen Sales: Antti Halmetoja


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