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Kerava Energy choses Balance+

Fri, 10/07/2015 - 09:34 CEST

ÅF in Tampere Finland has made a new Balance+ contract with Kerava Energy.

ÅF in Tampere Finland has made a new Balance+ contract with Kerava Energy.

Kerava Energy operates a bio-based CHP power plant whose boiler type is BFB (bubbling fluidized bed boiler). The power plant’s thermal capacity is 73 MW, electricity capacity 21 MW, process heat capacity 10 MW and district heat capacity 42 MW.

The Balance+ implementation will improve the plant’s existing conventional main controls resulting in better thermal efficiency, higher boiler load, lower minimum load, lower auxiliary power consumption, improved robustness to disturbances and increased boiler life-cycle.

”With the help of Balance+ we aim to improve our power plant’s efficiency and optimization of boiler capacity” states Kerava Energy’s power plant manager Sami Kotimäki.

The project has started with a control performance evaluation in mid-2014, which demonstrated the feasibility of improvement potential. Basic engineering and application design will be started immediately and the commissioning phase is planned to take place during autumn 2015.

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