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Rottneros chooses ÅF Pöyry’s new digital software for production support to reach higher efficiency

Mon, 10/07/2019 - 12:30

The Swedish Pulp and Paper producer, Rottneros, has selected ÅF Pöyry as partner for further efficiency development of their mills in Rottneros and Vallvik, Sweden.

Rottneros have about 300 employees working with development and production of pulp. Rottneros produces pulp at their mills, in Vallvik chemical pulp and in Rottneros, Värmland mechanical pulp. Rottneros also have a third production unit, Rottneros Packaging, producing biobased packages for food, and a company for supplying wood in Latvia.

ÅF Pöyry´s assignment is to deliver and install the newly developed software ’ÅF Pöyry Pulse’ in Rottneros and Vallvik mills. The new software helps to maximize availability, and gives an overview of raw material consumption of industrial processes, and by using that information, increase productivity. The ÅF Pöyry Pulse includes functions also for realtime monitoring, communication and connecting the operation with maintenance. The user can easily oversee production through a modern and user-friendly interface, take actions when needed or identify free production capacity i.e.  work more proactively.

“We are very excited to work with Rottneros and look forward to help streamline Rottneros’ operation and at the same time create possibilities towards Industry 4.0”, says David Andersson, Section manager, Industrial digitalization, ÅF Pöyry.

‘ÅF Pöyry Pulse’ is the modern platform we believe can provide possibilities for our continuous strive towards efficiency and thereby increase our production in an optimal and sustainable way,” says Lennart Eberleh, CEO Rottneros, “It is vital for our company development that our staff have the best possibilities through modern technology in their daily work.”

The key element in ÅF Pöyry Pulse is to combine people and technology. Another part is focusing on future activities.

“To receive full potential with a new software it must attract the user and be user friendly in order to be used in daily work. Many similar solutions focus on historical data, but ÅF Pöyry Pulse also supports future events and with that a more proactive way or working”, says David Andersson.

Through KPI´s such as e.g. OEE and the raw material consumption, ÅF Pöyry Pulse increases the equipment utilization and enables high availability, and increases the uptime of the existing infrastructure.

ÅF Pöyry Pulse tools are planned to be commissioned in Rottneros and Vallvik starting in January 2020.

About Pulse, Click here 

Further information, please contact:

Mikael Fränckel
Head of Business Area Process Industry
Tel: +46 10 505 87 06

David Andersson
Section Manager Industrial Digitalization, Process Industries division
+46 10 505 54 84

Mikael Ankerfors
Head of Smart Site Global Solutions, Process Industries division
Tel: +46 10 505 29 80

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