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The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency selects ÅF for project consulting services in IT

Fri, 08/27/2010 - 15:13
Johan Olsson, President, Infrastructure Division +46 (0)70-249 00 75

Viktor Svensson, Director, Corporate Information +46 (0)70-657 20 26

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency has selected ÅF in the
allocation of framework agreements for government agencies. The contract covers
project consulting services in IT and spans two years, with the option of a
subsequent two-year extension.

"As the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency negotiates
on behalf of practically all government agencies, this is an important contract
that will help to boost our growth even more in the public sector," says Johan
Olsson, President of the Infrastructure Division.

ÅF primarily won the contract thanks to its experience of turnkey deliveries
that encompass all parts of the tender. The contract is expected to form the
basis of assignments for the seven selected consultancies worth a total of
nearly SEK 400 million per year.

In project consulting services, ÅF takes principal responsibility for the result
of a certain specified assignment. ÅF benefits from its large size and breadth
in such services. The contract covers the areas of usability, management and
control, operational development and strategy, system development and system
management, information security, infrastructure and GIS.

Corporate Information

ÅF is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise founded on more than a
century of experience. We offer highly qualified services and solutions for
industrial processes, infrastructure projects and the development of products
and IT systems. Today ÅF has more than 4,000 employees. Our base is in Europe,
but our business and our clients are found all over the world.

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