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Water and salt may solve hand sanitizer shortage

Mon, 04/06/2020 - 13:43

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, there is a shortage of hand sanitizer throughout Sweden. A company in Skåne may have come up with the solution – a disinfectant based solely on water and salt. AFRY is helping to change their production, increase capacity and manage increased demand.

Ystad based Anolytech AB manufactures machines for the production of hand and surface disinfectant, previously used mainly for industrial and agricultural purposes. The product is based on salt and water which, through an electrical process, extracts hypochlorous acid, killing 99.9 percent of all bacteria, funguses and known viruses. 
With the corona outbreak, demand has increased explosively. In order to scale up production and help offer the product to other parts of society such as hospitals, care homes and emergency services, AFRY is helping out with logistics planning and requirements management. 
“As a small business with only seven employees, we were not equipped for this huge increase in demand in areas where we are not specialists. We had neither the resources nor the skills to cope with this tide. In the past, we have mainly focused on the animal industry, but now we can deliver to both healthcare and private companies”, says Stefan Fischlein, CEO of Anylotech. 
Among other things, AFRY has helped prepare for the product to be approved in accordance with the requirements and rules that apply in health care. This has included new supplementary lab tests. 
“This is an example of how our broad competence adds value. The combination of our experience from crisis management for municipalities and expertise in unit standards has made this initiative a success. Apart from this being a challenging and interesting assignment, it is particularly good to be able to make a tangible difference in times like these”, says Jonas Nilsson, Group Manager BA Systems Management at AFRY.


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