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AFRY’s environmental and sustainability services

Through comprehensive environmental competency, AFRY helps create safe and healthy living conditions

The need to be resource efficient and at the same time avoid and manage environmental risks both in daily operations and new investments is key requirement for industry and energy sectors. Cities in turn need to provide good living conditions for the citizens, whilst dealing with growing population and fighting the impacts of climate change.

We offer the competence needed to help our clients meet their environmental goals at all levels of operations. Together, we’ll deliver sustainable solutions that meet stringent environmental standards, backed up by our in-depth knowledge of local conditions.

Our services stem from client needs and cover a wide range of disciplines, blending together a number of areas of our expertise. Proven experience in environmental impact assessments, land use and urban planning, permitting, nature inventories and protection, environment, health and safety (EHS) audits, waste management and contaminated soil management form the basis of our continuously evolving environmental services. Our track record of environmental due diligence includes  thousands of sites assessed. During the past years, we have built a complete set of REACH services to help our clients meet the obligations set forth in the European Union´s REACH regulation on chemicals. Our environmental team is also focused on providing climate change related services and can help you grasp the opportunities for circular economy .

Research & development

Increasingly rapid environmental changes and mounting legal requirements require new thinking and innovative solutions. Together with our clients, branch organisations and academia, we develop Research and Development projects to meet future challenges.


Christian Buser

Head of Market Area Environment, Switzerland

Christin Eriksson

Acting Business Unit Manager, Environment and sustainability Sweden

Kaisa Vähänen

Head of Business Unit, Environment Finland

Eric Knies

Country Manager Germany / BU Head Environment

Markku Oksanen

VP & Head of Water and Environment

Martijn van Praagh

R & D Manager, Environment Sweden

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