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AFRY in Algeria

AFRY as been present in Algeria permanently since 2007. Via the former Pöyry Deutschland GmbH, we began with the detailed design of the project Mecheria Bayadh 100 km track line.

Today AFRY has an office in the capital city Algiers and three project offices in Saida, Hoceinia and Bouira. We are currently providing project management, design review and site supervision for three railway projects.

AFRY in Algeria has extensive expertise in railways, both in French and English language, with skilled experts who are experienced in infrastructure projects for the entire North Africa region.

Algerian Branch of AFRY Deutschland GmbH

30 Rue de la Madeleine (Lots Boursas)
Coopérative 42
N°49 Hydra

Country contacts

Tarik Rahal - Algeria Country Manager

Tarik Rahal

Algeria Country Manager

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