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Faroe Islands

AFRY in the Faroe Islands

Based on more than 100 years of national and international experience with electricity and supply, AFRY is a credible partner in the energy sector. AFRY Energy, previously P.A.P, has been building the electrical infrastructure on the Faroe Islands since 1920. It is island infrastructure within Transmission and Distribution (T&D) that creates the strongest knowledge and development, generating unique skills and competence in the company.

From our office in Tórshavn we offer expertise in electrical power infrastructure, covering all parts of the value chain from production to transmission and distribution. We provide advisory, technical, and administrative engineering services in several business segments such as Substations, Transmission, Distribution, Renewables and Heat & Power.


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J.H. Schrøtersgøta 7,

FO-100 Tórshavn

Faroe Islands

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Rólant J. Olsen - Head of Infrastructure, Faroe Islands

Rólant J. Olsen

Head of Infrastructure, Faroe Islands

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