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AFRY in Rwanda

AFRY Switzerland Ltd. Rwanda Branch was established in Kigali in September 2020. Prior to this, other projects in Rwanda have been undertaken (under the former Pöyry brand) for the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Plan (NELSAP) on the Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project (RRFHP) in 2019-2020, a joint development undertaken by the governments of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania, and back in 2013 we supported as a Soil and Peat Analyses and Lenders’ Engineer for Peat burning 2x35 MWe Power plant in Rwanda.

Today, AFRY Switzerland Limited provide, in the framework of a 2-year program, project management, technical and construction consulting as well as implementation support and environmental, social and occupational health and safety programs to the Regional Energy Group (REG).

The Government of Rwanda has set up the Universal Energy Access Program, targeting to provide electricity to 100% of the households by 2024. This results in significant activities and opens opportunities for local and international partnerships in the engineering and supervision sector.


AFRY Switzerland Ltd. Rwanda Branch

Kimihurura, Gasabo,

Umujyi wa,

Kigali, Rwanda


Postal address:

No. 27, KG 676 Street,

Kigali, Rwanda

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Stewart Lynas - Head of Section T&D International

Stewart Lynas

Head of Section T&D International

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