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AFRY in Ukraine

AFRY began implementing projects in Ukraine in 2014 as Facilia International LLC, which was acquired by former ÅF in 2018. Our original offerings were in consulting services and products within nuclear energy and radiation safety. During 2019 the business expanded to other energy areas, including transmission networks, renewables (solar, wind and hydro), biomass, biogas and biomethane, district heating, waste-to-energy, and environmental consulting.

AFRY Ukraine comprises one office in Kyiv. We provide technical consultancy, software development, and project management to the energy market, mainly in the areas of nuclear, transmission, renewables, district heating and waste-to-energy. Our project management services include contact and communication with local stakeholders, and our nuclear offering covers:  

  • Development of safety assessments and safety cases for decommissioning, remediation, radioactive waste management and disposal.
  • Organisation of visits to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
  • Assessment of doses to the public and the environment from radionuclide releases from nuclear facilities and activities.
  • Development of software for simulation modelling and risk assessment, such as AFRY Ecolego.
  • Technology transfer and capacity building including training, site visits and development of e-learning materials.

Our offerings in other energy areas include:

  • contact and communication with local stakeholders;
  • feasibility studies, due diligence services and siting studies;
  • environmental impact assessments (EIA);
  • technical and design solutions; and
  • project implementation supervision.

As a bridge for foreign companies investing in Ukraine, AFRY Ukraine combines outstanding global expertise with deep industry knowledge and the Ukraine team's rich local experience and collaborative spirit. We have a large network of experts and stakeholders and are able to find the right local expert for any type of project.

AFRY Ukraine LLC

Blvd. Lesy Ukrainky 34,

Office 505, Unit 3, Floor 5

01042, Kyiv


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Country contacts

Oksana Shevchenko - Group manager and Country Manager, Ukraine

Oksana Shevchenko

Group manager and Country Manager, Ukraine

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