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AFRY in the United States

AFRY began its journey in North America in 1966 in Menasha, WI as the former Marathon Engineers, Architects, Planners, LLC, an employee-owned company focused on rebuild projects in the pulp and paper sector. Jaakko Pöyry acquired the company in 1991, bringing extensive global knowledge and experience to Marathon clients. This added capability was quickly leveraged into performing larger new paper machine and energy system projects. Under AFRY’s leadership, the firm has recently expanded to the US Southeast, grown the energy business and included more chemical and metals recycling clients in its portfolio.

AFRY Management Consulting entered the US via an acquisition of a market research firm in New York in the 1980s and today AFRY provides leading-edge management consulting services related to strategy, growth, due diligence and operations to clients in the industrial, financial, and energy sectors.  

AFRY has three offices in the US; Appleton, WI; Birmingham, AL; and New York, NY. In addition, AFRY has consultants and engineers operating in Atlanta, GA; Mobile, AL; and Boston, MA.  AFRY’s services include best-in-class management consulting, technical consulting, engineering design, on-site support, project management, and construction management support services in the pulp, paper, packaging, chemical and energy fields.

AFRY is ranked #1 globally in pulp and paper industry engineering services and brings global knowledge and experience to both its engineering and management consulting clients. AFRY provides American and international clients US-based and experienced teams who can assist and guide companies looking to grow and invest in the US and Canada.  AFRY consistently leverages the capabilities of global and local experts in combination with deep industry knowledge, rich local experience, and a collaborative spirit to bring success to our clients. 

Country Management

Roger Marsicek

Managing Director, Process Industries

Soile Kilpi

Director, AFRY Management Consulting