Efterklang Malmö Live

Active acoustic strategy to let sound interact in harmony with the environment

Malmö Live

In this project, ÅF Sound & Vibration has based the work on Malmö Live’s requirement of an active acoustic strategy. This strategy is based on the fact that sound is being delivered for the purpose of interacting with the environment in a harmonious manner.

For Malmö Live, this means that the intended effect can be integrated at an early stage of planning, increasing the likelihood of a successful final result. Based on this acoustic design strategy, decisions can then be taken regarding which traditional acoustic measures need to be taken to reinforce the characteristic impression that Malmö Live is seeking for the building and surrounding site.

Project: Malmö Live
Client: Platspilot AB
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Status: Completed 2015

ÅF Sound & Vibration became Efterklang™ part of AFRY 2019

Efterklang Malmoe live case image exterior

Malmö Live