AFRY builds a new digital platform for Jula

AFRY digitalises' Jula’s communication

Jula is a Swedish store chain company, offering products for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, farmers and craftsmen. The company has succeeded in adapting to the global e-commerce competition by integrating best of breed solutions to stay agile and innovative.

AFRY has built a new digital platform for Jula. The digital platform is responsible for Jula’s all digital communication and the first thing is to provide a new website and e-commerce.

AFRY has helped Jula to develop an operational data layer for a few years. The data layer provides other Jula-systems an instant 360-degree view of all relevant data, such as products, prices, stock information and client data with purchase history.

Henrik Bäck, acting as a system architect within IT Solutions at AFRY. He is specialized in web-based applications and e-commerce, primarily based on cloud technology.

“We are developing a solution that is both economical, reliable and has low maintenance costs. A solution that can grow with time and technology”, says Henrik Bäck.

AFRY coordinated the work between the different teams of the project, leading the planning and requirements collection work, and helped Jula to ensure that the solution technically fits into the flora of systems that already existed.

The digital platform is part of a large delivery to Jula where we also deliver an operational datastore. The data layer provides other Jula-systems an instant 360-degree view of all relevant data (such as products, prices, stock information) for the particular systems – the digital platform is one of those applications. Together we reused the good forms of cooperation we had developed in previous deliveries.

henrik bäck

They understand our business and our needs, and is a good sparring partner in our ongoing digital transformation. Jula’s data layer is built upon the latest technology with very experienced developers.

It would not have been the success it has become without AFRY’s help. When our digital platform project ended up in a dead end and we needed a restart, AFRY was top of mind. With full attention from them we were able to start the work again in record time. I hope for many more years of good cooperation!

Rasmus Hollin – IT Development Manager at Jula


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Henrik Bäck - System Architect at AFRY
Henrik Bäck
System Architect at AFRY

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