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AFRY provides cyber security expertise to vehicle manufactures

AFRY is collaborating with vehicle manufacturers to improve the cyber security of their vehicles and related infrastructure and offer market-leading solutions for road vehicles.

Cyber security in vehicles must be extensive, defending both the vehicle itself, the backend of electronic systems and all the infrastructure connected vehicles these days rely on. Consultants from AFRY have been providing vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with expertise and insights, raising standards for vehicles in need of development within cyber security.  

When designing vehicles with a high level of cyber security, vehicle manufacturers have collaborated with AFRY where we have assisted various business areas with project management and specialist competence based on the ISO/SAE 21434:2021 standard and UNECE R-155 cyber security/R-156 software update regulations for type approval. Current frameworks and regulations require deep knowledge and understanding that specifies requirements for cyber security risk management. This incorporates project stages from concept and design, product development, production, operation, maintenance to decommissioning of the electrical and electronic (E/E) systems in vehicles, including components and interfaces.  

The vehicle manufacturers are now expanding this area together with AFRY. Our ambition is to offer customers market-leading expertise in cyber security for road vehicles. This will move vehicle manufacturers and suppliers further forward as leading manufacturers regarding vehicle safety.