Box of Alelion batteries in a production line

AFRY delivers production line to Alelion

Alelion, that focuses on electrification and renewable energy storage, is the first battery factory in Sweden that series produces lithium-ion batteries to vehicles. These batteries are for forklifts and industrial transportation vehicles.

AFRY was asked to create their production line after having assisted Alelion in product development as well as with the production concept in a pilot study autumn 2017. In spring 2018, AFRY got the opportunity to deliver a turnkey project for an automated production line for assembling battery cells which was delivered in spring 2019.

Several units within the organisation collaborated to get the project up and running. AFRY built the production line for the battery modules. After being tested in Trollhättan, Sweden, and made sure that everything works correctly, AFRY took it apart and shipped it off to the client, where AFRY installed it.

The battery cells are mounted together with end trays, side plates and tape before laser welding the corner flanges as well as the aluminum bus bars connected to the battery terminals. A PCB card is mounted, and the battery modules are tested for current and resistance before exiting the line.

“AFRY has been a very good partner in developing this production line from the Alelion vision of combining flexibility with mass production efficiency”, says Fredrik Lusch, COO Alelion.