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AFRY increases manufacturing capacity of fish vaccine in Norway

AFRY has a long experience of delivering plants for pharmaceutical manufacturing according to Good Manufacturing Practice. During 2019, AFRY was contracted to increase the manufacturing capacity of vaccines. The manufacturer, PHARMAQ (part of Zoetis), is a global leader of fish vaccines and has manufacturing in a world class production facility located in Overhalla, Norway.

Aquaculture is a large industry in Norway which requires vaccines for a healthy fish population. For clarification: vaccine is not an antibiotic and is not a contribution the antibiotic resistance in the world. The capacity increase project was a close collaboration between PHARMAQ and AFRY's Gothenburg office.

The project scope was to increase the capacity of the manufacturing process, from inoculation, fermentation of the vaccine to the deactivation process. AFRY has contributed with a cross functional project team including Project Management, Hygienic Process and Plant Design, Automation, Validation and Quality Assurance.

PHARMAQ is an experienced manufacturer with high competence within vaccine products. Together with AFRY’s ability to deliver cGMP compliant turn-key plants, this project has been successfully implemented. The production plant is in validated state and is currently ramping up the production. PHARMAQ can now meet the increased demand on the market and AFRY is very proud to be a part of it.

Fish vaccine production norway
Production of fish vaccine in Norway

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