AFRY is part of Hertz digitalisation journey - Developing business systems

Mattias Svensson, Senior Business Developer is one of AFRY’s experts

Hertz is one of Scandinavia's leading car rental companies and they wanted a long-term digitalisation partner. AFRY was chosen due to high quality standards and many years of experience in systems management.

Mattias Svensson is working as a Senior Business Developer at AFRY. On his current assignment at Hertz, he works as the Account Manager and is commercially responsible for the entire delivery, which includes five teams.

He started as a project manager and has developed the business along with the client. AFRY was chosen due to high quality standards and many years of experience in systems management.

“I was part of a sales team that presented a model for maintaining and developing Hertz IT platform. We drew up a frame agreement and set up an initial team that I was leading”, Mattias explains.

Based on that, the team has developed a partnership and become part of Hertz's digital journey and future mobility services.

Mattias was attracted by the assignment due to the client's willingness to continuously develop their business and to make quick decisions to achieve their goals.

“The most exciting about my job is keeping a high level of innovation combined with a cost-effective maintenance of the IT”, Mattias concluded.

mattias svensson
Mattias Svensson, Senior Business Developer at AFRY

“Through AFRY's IT development delivery, we will secure our position in the future”, Peer Jorns, CIO at Hertz.


AFRY’s services included:

  • Maintaining & developing IT systems  

  • Delivery Management

  • Technical support  

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