Real Digital Twin supports safer decommissioning of nuclear power

AFRY recently signed an agreement with OKG in Oskarshamn, Sweden, delivering Real Digital Twin (RDT) as a tool to help with OKG’s decommissioning, updating and moving logic to a new control room. RDT is a software solution that creates an exact replica – a digital twin – of equipment and components.


Decommissioning of nuclear power is a hot topic and it have been so since the Swedish Parliament decided to shut down almost all reactors in Sweden. The reactors O1 and O2 have been shut down since 2017, and during the last year, OKG began moving logic from the old control room to a new location.

To carry out the decommissioning in a safe and controlled manner, OKG uses RDT as virtual test bed before making any changes linked to the dismantling of the production systems. The goal is to increase the security level during disassembly, while at the same time being able to shorten the test period by evaluating different scenarios in a virtual copy. It is an exciting breakthrough deal in the energy sector where nuclear power has particularly high demands on safety.  

"AFRY’s Real Digital Twin really works, and you can manage to solve the most problems before it has happened, all for saving time and money," says Andreas Buhlin, Product Manager AFRY.

“For us, the use of the digital twin is an exciting tool that can cut a lot of time in the maintenance work, for example when testing new code, while we see great value of it works as it is intended when we implement a change in our systems,” says OKG.

Andreas Buhlin - Head of Development RDT Digitalisation
Andreas Buhlin
Head of Development RDT Digitalisation

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