AFRY’s GoPlenum cloud service simplifies formal meetings - A topical solution during the pandemic

GoPlenum is a cloud service from AFRY that helps to conduct climate-smart, digital meetings online.

For most organisations such as trade unions and political parties, democratic meetings and discussions are crucial to make the necessary decisions for the business. In 2020, democracy "moved online" and it has totally changed how democratic meetings are now conducted.  

Formal meetings with GoPlenum  

With the pandemic as an obstacle to physical meetings, it became clear for many organisations that they would need a tool to conduct their annual meetings.  

Anders Linder, Sales Specialist at AFRY works daily to help organisations by streamlining their formal meetings with GoPlenum, a cloud service from AFRY that helps to conduct climate-smart, digital meetings online.

The future for formal meetings  

Now that we can glimpse the end of the pandemic, we also see a new meeting landscape where hybrid meetings and accessibility become even more important.  

“Many clients point out that they still want to take advantage of the benefits that a digital meeting system can provide. For example, less paper consumption or travel, as well as faster and safer meetings”, says Anders.

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Strengthens democracy online

By having access to a system such as GoPlenum, you greatly ensure the opportunity to be able to conduct your congresses or national meetings. The majority of clients have witnessed a higher degree of participation in their meetings compared to when they had only physical meetings.

“Probably because a digital solution increases accessibility for people who might otherwise have difficulty getting to the place of the meeting”, Anders explains.

At the same time, it increases the democratic credibility and legitimacy of an organization.  

The Norwegian Confederation of Sports (Norges Idrottsförbund) has used over 50 sports associations, clubs and teams to conduct their meetings. The NCS’s primary need was a solution that could help them to conduct their annual meetings despite the pandemic.

“My role has been to coordinate communications and ensuring smooth delivery of the services the client needs”, says Anders.

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Client benefit  

Looking beside the obvious benefit that sports associations could continue their work during the pandemic, several positive side effects could also be noted. The benefits of using digital tools, not only when it comes to saving money but also on democratic credibility, administrative effectiveness, environmental and operational flexibility.

The combination of GoPlenum and digital meeting platforms has enabled the client to get a good democratic implementation with polls and speaker lists.

“The assistance from AFRY has been impeccable. Although we have managed and conducted all our 70+ meetings in the sport ourselves, we find AFRY very welcoming and helpful when we have needed it. GoPlenum is a strong product in this segment that has helped us through the meetings in the pandemic. GoPlenum also works just as well, if not better in physical meetings”, says Kjell Rune Nordli, Team Leader Digital Work Forms, Operations and Security at The Norwegian Confederation of Sports.

“GoPlenum is a strong product that helped us through the pandemic. GoPlenum also works just as well, if not better in physical meetings.” - Kjell Rune Nordli, Norwegian Confederation of Sports

AFRY Product: GoPlenum

Client: Norwegian Confederation of Sports (Norges Idrottsförbund)

Services provided from AFRY: Software Development, Cloud service

Anders Linder - Sales Specialist at AFRY
Anders Linder
Sales Specialist at AFRY

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