Infra-Umami Hallonbergen, Stockholm, Sweden

Architectural proposal to transform the Umami district in the Hallonbergen suburb of Stockholm, Sweden

A taste of Umami

Architectural firm sandellsandberg, partner to AFRY, is helping to revitalize and strengthen the identity of the Umami district in the Stockholm suburb of Hallonbergen, Södertälje.

Over a ten-year period, Hallonbergen north of Stockholm will be transformed into an inspiring urban district with a range of housing, businesses, restaurants, meeting places and intimate squares.

Architectural firm sandellsandberg, partner to AFRY, has developed a proposal aimed at revitalizing and strengthening the identity of the area, centred around the former Freden warehouse building.

The existing building’s mid-section will be revamped to allow for a central axle that will link the metro station to the city hall, which will in turn create the conditions for a well-defined urban community.

Sandellsandberg has participated in the development of the first phase of the new district, including some 200 apartments plus commercial floor space.

Client: Wallenstam
Object: Umami district
Location: Hallonbergen, Stockholm, Sweden
Our role: Architectural concept and services