Batteriet 2

Batteriet 2

Elegant design and sustainability are the hallmarks of Batteriet 2, a block of flats in central Stockholm. With AFRY as environmental coordinator, the property was certified to the Silver level as per Swedish environmental certification system Miljöbyggnad.

Batteriet 2, owned by AFA Real Estate, has undergone extensive renovation. In connection with this, the property was certified Silver under the Swedish sustainable building certification system Miljöbyggnad. The building, which has a gross internal area of approximately 8500 sqm, comprises 68 flats and a child care centre.

In the role of the client's environmental coordinator, AFRY assisted with environmental issues to ensure that the building meet the requirements of Miljöbyggnad Silver. In addition, AFRY has contributed with several investigations related to the certification, such as the prestudy and design for a solar cell installation, a prestudy for windows, daylight simulation and environmental inventory.

The residential property was finished in 2017 and received its environmental certification Miljöbyggnad Silver in April that year.

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