Björkängens preschool

Björkängens preschool

Björkängens preschool in Kungälv is a two-storey building where day care is provided for six groups of children between the ages of one and five. It was inaugurated in 2015 and built to a very high spec in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

AFRY played a pivotal role in the project, as we designed the power supply, lifts and tele technical systems, as well as the lighting, which is all LED, with daylight sensors and presence detectors.

All electricity is provided by a 300 square-metre photovoltaic system on the roof, and the excess production is fed back into the grid. AFRY designed the system, inspected it once installed and ensured that it produced the desired output.

As the project was highly successful, the Björkängens preschool is now a model for all other preschools in the municipality.


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