Two white swans floating on still lake

Brighter future for Swedish waters

By developing IT systems for the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM), AFRY helps enhance the quality of Sweden’s seas, lakes, rivers and streams.

As preferred supplier of IT- and Systems Solutions to SwAM, AFRY’s role is to improve SwAM’s different IT systems, from producing specifications of requirements to rolling out the finished systems. The efforts will help SwAM getting useful systems in areas such as fisheries control, including systems that make it possible to track fish ”from sea to plate”.

Geographic traceability of fishing vessels - UVMS

One of the projects involves a satellite-based monitoring system called UVMS (Union Vessel Monitoring System) which is used to monitor fishing vessels from 12 meters. This ensures that the catch is deducted from the correct quota. The position reports are also used to monitor ship activities in areas with fishing bans.

The data plays a role in the ocean planning work – an important task that aims to regulate how the ocean is used in an effective and sustainable way, today and in the future.

Curious about IT Solutions at AFRY? See Charlotte Eriksson explain more: